Success stories

Success Stories

Here are just a few stories of the incredible results we’ve helped our clients achieve…

Relief of chronic pain with PUSH Muscle Therapy

I have lived with chronic pain for three years from a whiplash injury. Even with regular visits to a chiropractor and massage therapist, I was never able to return to normal.

I had given up hope of every being completely pain free again. Jerry Munson’s use of PUSH Therapy gave me the relief I had been seeking. Within less than five months, I was out of pain and back to normal. I highly recommend Jerry to anyone living with muscular pain even if they’ve already tried massagie therapy.”

—Lisa Thornton • Denver, Colorado

Utilizing two modalities — Swedish Massage and PUSH Muscle Therapy — reduces symptoms of Fibromyalgia

“I have Fibromyalgia, I get both a regular Swedish Massage from Jeanne Ratchford and PUSH Muscle Therapy from Jerry Munson. Having both sessions each week helps keep my muscles loose and helps the muscle pain go away, allowing me to play volleyball, hike, and enjoy other physical activities. I highly recommend this regimen for reducing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.”

—Peggy Harro • Evergreen, Colorado

Easing stiff shoulders and other Parkinson’s Disease symptoms via Massage Therapy

“Warmest thanks to you from our family for the time and care that went into the massages that you gave to Paul. The benefits lasted long after the hour that you spent with him. The first noticeable benefit was that he could once again stand straight and tallwhich was difficult for him because of his stiff, stooped shoulders. How good that must have felt for him. A huge difference also was the relaxation the massage provided. Without a doubt he was able to sleep much better.

Above all Jerry, thank you for all the research you did on Parkinson’s disease to better understand the symptoms that Paul experienced. I would highly encourage you to speak to Parkinson’s support groups throughout the city…”

— Jean Kugler • Denver, Colorado

Chiropractic care helps to ease lower back issues, chronic heartburn and relieves headaches

“… I just wanted to send you thanks and praise for help that you have given me. I came to you about six months ago in a lot of pain, which is not good for a 23-year-old girl.

I didn’t really understand all that was involved in chiropractic, so I came into the first session totally unaware of what was going to happen. After that first session, I knew that this practice could really help me with my problems, and help me feel the way I should for my age. Now, along with actively taking care of myself and regular sessions with you, I feel 100% better than I felt six months ago.

You have helped my lower back issues, aided in the relief of my constant headaches, and almost completely gotten rid of my chronic heartburn. What you do is truly a blessing, and you deserve all the thanks and praise you receive. Thank you so much for your help and concern. I plan to achieve more goals working with you in the future.”

— Jesica Oberleiter • Denver, Colorado

New Colorado resident disappointed with other chiropractors she visited, until she came to Back to Basics Health Center

“…I want to thank you for helping me get my life back!

I moved here 2 years ago and immediately began looking for someone that could provide the kinds of physical, dietary and homeopathic support I had enjoyed with my Chiropractor in California.

I started with a massage therapist who gave me a lot of help. I also tried a couple of local chiropractors but was disappointed with their limited skills. I even considered making regular trips back to California to obtain the treatment I was needing, when I learned about you and your practice.

The rest is history. I have completed a total body cleanse, diet modifications with supplemental milk thistle and digestive enzyme and my pain and discomfort are under control. Thank you!”

— Gloria H. Quale • Denver, Colorado

Oriental medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs completely resolved an injury that doctors said would need invasive surgery

In May of 2004, I sustained a injury affecting my shin diagnosed as Anterior Compartment Syndrome. I tried a variety of traditional and experimental modalities to resolve the injury without success. 

 Upon re-evaluation two Orthopedic Specialists agreed my only option was an invasive surgical procedure requiring six to 12 months of rehabilitation.  While contemplating this procedure, I met Leslie Kancir.

Leslie’s expertise in oriental medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbs completely resolved my 18 month old injury. Within 10 treatments the swelling, tenderness and pain dissipated; all to the amazement of my physicians and physical therapists who now refer their clients to Leslie for treatment. 

I have continued my relaxing and nurturing acupuncture treatments and am happy to report as of May 2006, I remain pain free and have resumed my vigorous lifestyle with a vengeance!

— Karla Krajci • Littleton, Colorado


 I just wanted to thank Leslie Kancir for all she has done for Aaron in relieving his migraines. He has been struggling with migraines for the last eight years. His initial head trauma on the school play ground was the start of his headaches that eventually became migraines. We  went to the doctors and got very little help from the medicine that they had prescribed but hoped in time he would get better. We were wrong,  Five years after Aaron’s initially head injury, he became sick with  mengioencephalitis. This also had an affect on his brain and the  migraines became worse and more frequent. He was missing school because  of the migraines and it was effecting his grades; but, worse than  getting a bad grade, it was causing him to become depressed.

After years of looking for help, we finally found Leslie. It was the end of Aaron’s junior year of high school and the beginning of summer when we came to  your office. I thought we would give acupuncture a try and see if it  would help. Well, it has. We have been seeing Leslie regularly now for  the last seven months and what a difference it’s been for Aaron. This  school year has been the best Aaron has had. He still gets the  occasional migraine but they are not as severe and they don’t last for  as long. He may even get to graduate this year with his class if he  continues to do well. I feel that this would not have been a possibility had we not come to you this last summer. Aaron and I look forward to  continue working with Leslie in hopes that maybe the migraines will  become a thing of the past. Aaron and I feel that this is a possibility  because of the great improvement we have already seen. Thank you so  much.

— Dian & Aaron Thieme, Denver, CO 


After 7 months of trying to get pregnant to no avail, I consulted with  Leslie on how acupuncture could help me to conceive. There was no  medical reason for why I wasn’t getting pregnant and I have a healthy  and happy 4 year old daughter so this was not the first attempt at  getting pregnant. Leslie did some assessments on the chi in my body and was able to determine the protocol that would work best for my  specific form of “infertility”. After 2 months of treatment I finally  got the pregnancy test results I had been waiting for and am due in  February. I strongly believe that acupuncture help to resolve the  imbalance in my body and helped me to conceive. I am very  thankful for Leslie’s ability to help me in a non-medical way and  would most definitely recommend her to anyone having troubles with  conception.

I hope that is what you are looking for.  I figured I would leave out  some of the specifics to my particular case and the fact that I am  having twins since that may freak people out, but if you want that added in just let me know.

Things are going well here. Just gearing up for the holidays and the  babies arrival. I had my baby shower at the beginning of November just  in case and no I just need to make it through Christmas. I have a  feeling they will be coming February 13th, for whatever reason that  seems like a good date to me and sticks out in my head. I guess we will just wait and see. Thank you again for all orf your help and I will  keep you posted.

— Amy Doty, Lakewood, CO

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