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Introducing one of the major minerals essential for a human being – Magnesium

Your body uses magnesium to make body tissues, especially bone. It is also a part of more than 300 different enzymes that trigger chemical reactions throughout your body.  The body uses magnesium to:

  • Move nutrients in and out of cells
  • Send messages between cells
  • Transmit the genetic code when cells divide and reproduce.  Without magnesium there is no cellular regeneration.
  • Many doctors are saying that magnesium is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory.

Adequate levels of magnesium also are heart-healthy because it enables you to convert food to energy using less oxygen.  It is absolutely essential for any kind of energy production that occurs in the body.  Without sufficient magnesium, there is less energy for contraction and relaxation of muscles, less energy for muscles to move metabolic waste out of tissue (lactic acid), therefore causing muscle fatigue, soreness, burning and a less effective performance

Muscle relaxation and contraction are directly dependent on adequate cellular levels of magnesium.  Magnesium keeps muscles relaxed while calcium contracts muscle.  If you have chronically sore, tight, stiff, muscle spasms, magnesium is what will give your body the ability to relax naturally.  When there is insufficient magnesium in tissue, calcium has a field day with your body.  Calcium keeps muscles and nerves over stimulated, causing chronic muscle tension, cramps, spasm, pain, and inflammation.

Magnesium is found in most dark green fruits and vegetables.  It is a part of chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants.  Bananas are also good sources, as well as, whole seeds, nuts, beans and grains.

There is research being done by Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, who is one of the world’s leaders in pain management and by the International Medical Veritas Association. This research has shown that 67% of the population is magnesium depleted and suggests the best way of getting magnesium into muscles and tissues quickly is topically, because it doesn’t create the loss as occurs with oral magnesium.

Back to Basics Health Center is proud to offer Mag-Power magnesium based topical sprays.  The magnesium is derived from natural sea salts, which also contains 92 trace minerals to support your body.  These sprays come in three scents, lavender, peppermint and sport.

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